Below are some of are most "Frequently Asked Questions". You may ask a question yourself by going to the contact page and sending us your questions, we will get back to you shortly with a reply.

Why should I use yachty crew?

YACHTY CREW is your best line of defense when getting into the job market, and trying to learn the industry. If you want to be more knowledgable and have more information on yachting then you would like the best source possible. Yachty crew is designed to help you find work and acquire the skills needed to be a professional yacht crew member. We are here to answer your questions and we provide a forum for you to converse with others to help solve your questions. We do are best to give you all the resources that we can, and provide services that other buisness's cant.

What can I expect to get after reading the guides?

You can expect to have a greater knowledge and understanding of what you will be performing when you become a yacht crew member. You will have an idea of what yachts are looking for, what skills you will need to practice, and how to prep yourself for the jobs you will have ahead of you. YACHTY CREW is here to help you have a vast understanding of the yachting industry.

How many crew get jobs from yachty crew?

YACHTY CREW does not guarentee that you will find a job, but we do are best to give you all the preparations need to land the job and teach you skills that will help you when looking. A majority of crew that use are site find work quite quickly, and a very small ammount do not find jobs, but this is usually dictated on your dedication and your skill set.

Which city should I start first Antibes or Fort Lauderdale?

This really depends on a lot of factors; where you are from, which is closest to you, the language you speak, the time of season. Take this all in the consideration when you go to make your decision as to which you will make your yachting destination.

I am a girl, can I be a deckhand?

Ofcourse you can! Lots of girls are deckhands, and some boats prefer it. Just because your a girl does not mean you cant play outside with the boys :) Just make sure your ready to do alot of grunt work, and be in the hot sun all day.

Why is no one taking my CV's when I go dockwalking?

Depending on the season and the area you are in will dictate the yachts looking for workers. A lot of these yachts may be fully crewed, or have been harassed by lots of dockwalkers and may be indecisive as to if they want your CV. You cant let this bring you down, just keep trying and keep your spirits high. You will eventually find someone who is looking for a worker.

Where does one find a yacht crew agent?

Crew agents are all over the world. Go to are crew agent page in the "getting started" guide section. This will give you a list of reputable crew agents. It is good to register online first before you go and see them in person, the crew agents will like this and it will give you a good head start on finding that job!