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Our online training course was created by qualified crew members that have many years of experience working on some of the most prestigious yachts of the world.  When you purchase our course you are essentially getting the knowledge of years of hard work and labour, minus the trial and tribulation of learning it on your own. Our training methods have been formulated into a 12 hour course that is easily digestible and easy to understand, with helpful training videos to show you all the tips and tricks to get a well rounded understanding of the yachting industry in a its entirety.

The goal with our course is to give you a deep understanding of the yachting industry as a whole, so you can begin pursuing your career with a much better skill set and knowledge base. We believe you will succeed quicker if you understand what will be required of you, especially before you arrive at your first job, or your first interview.



Yachting Course
We take out the guess work for you by diving right into the heart of the industry. We show you exactly what being a yacht crew member is like, and we prepare you for the adventures you will face. To compliment our course we offer a resource list, which provides you with heaps of information and quality links to get you started in becoming a valuable yacht crew member for your next job. Whether it is small yachts or super yachts, the information in our course is essential in understanding the etiquette and procedure necessary to perform well and up to a super yacht standard.


Deck Department

We go into vast detail of the duties you will be performing as a deckhand. We have step-by-step tutorial videos to show you just exactly how to perform these tasks. We teach you the different terminology, the different knots, the different devices on board. We get you prepared for being on deck, so that you can handle the job with ease and not be frustrated or overwhelmed once you land your first job.


Stewardess Department

We have gone above and beyond for the stewardess department. We explain all the types of service you will be performing, the jobs you will have to do. How the steward/ess schedule works. Video and written tutorials on all the tasks you will be expected to know. From pouring wine, to setting elaborate table settings, to flower arrangements to laundry duties. We've surely got you covered in our stewardess crew guide!.

Yacht Crew Jobs Fort Lauderdale

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Getting Starting Finding Work General Yacht Knowledge Deck Department Interior Department
Destinations Couples Positions Rules Of The Road Tasks / Jobs Service
Different Seasons Types Of Work Types Of Yachts Tenders / Toys Table Setting
Crew Houses Dress Code Yacht Layout Knots / Lines House Keeping
Crew Agents Health / Insurance Flags Anchoring / Mooring Laundry
Networking Visa Info Term And Phrases Crane Operation Guest Care
Dockwalking Salaries / Tips Watchkeeping Deck Product List Interior Products List
CV Construction Roles / Positions
and MORE!
and MORE!
and MORE!


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Deckhand Department

Once you have finished reviewing the entire course and you are feeling comfortable with the new knowledge you have gained, you can then take our "YACHTY CREW 5 Day Course Quiz". This quiz is 40 questions long and must be completed in under 25 minutes! It will be based on the entire course and questions will be random.

You are given two tries to pass the quiz, if you fail, you will have to wait 6 months before we will give you another try. Once you pass the quiz, we will contact you and begin getting you set up to a career in yachting. We get asked all the time by employers to give them top notch CV's and you will be automatically referred for any applicable jobs that come our way. So get certified and start moving forward towards your dreams!

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Yacht Crew Training