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Posted by on in YACHTY CREW BLOG

Well if your asking this question, dont feel embarrassed that you don't know. Most of the experienced yacht crew members asked themselves this same question when they first arrived with the idea of pursuing this dream career.

The good news is you have much more resources to answer these kind of questions through the use of the internet and sources like yachtycrew.com and other books and references.

Emil Jansen, Founder of yachtycrew.com says that he designed the website for the purpose to really teach aspiring yacht crew the fundamentals of the industry. Solidifying what the job entails, and if it is a job you would really want to do.

Most people envision the yacht crew job as a very fun, free spirited and overall glamours job. Don't get it confused, all those things are true. But it also is ALOT of hard and intense work, and sometimes the distance from friends and family for months on end can be enough to scare people away.


The hardest task with becoming a yacht crew member is getting your foot in the door. You can take all the courses from the maritime institutes, and you can learn all the basic safety training; for instance, RIB operation, Wine Tasking, Efficient Deckhand, Jet Ski instructor and more. Its great to have a repertoire of certificates under your belt, but the real task of becoming a part of this industry is building a network of established yacht crew, agents and industry people. The key we teach is understanding where to find these. Once you have built up a network and eventually a reputation, you will always have work through word of mouth.

The problem we find with todays industry, and the influx of new "Green" crew  is they take these courses from these training institutes, but these institutes are only tailored to specific tasks (safety, tender driving, silver service) they do not describe in full detail to what you will be doing on a day to day basis on board one of these yachts. For instance, how to perform the jobs you will be doing, and where to apply for jobs. We also teach you how to prepare your "yachting" resume / cv, that the captains will expect you have.

We at yachtycrew.com have toiled with hiring yacht crew for years in the past, and the one thing that really got irritating is having to explain the pure basics to green crew. It always seemed like there should be a course that teaches you the foundation skills one needs in order to get hired and or stay employed on board one of these luxury yachts.

At yachtycrew.com we are 100% dedicated to eliminating the unfamiliarity in new yacht crew. Before a crew member joins a boat, for the safety and satisfaction of the owners who own these boats and the crew they work with, the crew member should be well versed in what exactly her or she will be doing before they just "jump in". It always helps to begin a new job with a strong understanding of the task at hand. We feel it is dually effective that we teach crew the basics to not only expedite their dreams and career options, but to also allow the aspiring crew to decided if it is for them or if it isn't. Potentially saving the person 1000$ of dollars worth of courses, only to find out that this job really was a lot of work, and not how they expected it would be.

The industry is getting flooded every year with newbies who want to join this different lifestyle. Some are just in for a joy ride and some are in it for the scenic cruise. Regardless we want people to understand what they will need to do to succeed and that it if isn't the job for them, to move a side and let the people who really want to work get the jobs.

We hope that this article has inspired you to make the next step in your career today. Our 5 day course will get you start learning all the in depth trade secrets of the industry and how it all works.



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Posted by on in YACHTY CREW BLOG

As you may already be well aware of, there was a massive destruction that has taken place on several of the common caribbean yachting destinations;

- St. Barts

-St. Maarten


-The B.V.I's

and much much more.



The amount of damage is in the billions and the time it will take to repair the damage from hurricane Irma will take years.

With the Caribbean season kicking off in only a few short months, who knows what we will have in store for this up and coming charter season.

The shear amount of boats that we're sticking around down south, we're mostly destroyed and the amount of wrecks sitting the marinas is catastrophic. 


Lets just hope we can all pick up the pieces from this horrible monster hurricane and make for a worthy and memorable charter season this winter.


All the best who faced damages down south! We are with you in spirit and will be sending our prayers to you down south.


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Posted by on in YACHTY CREW BLOG

YACHTY CREW the all new website designed and created to help aid the crew of the super yacht industry. A website that boasts elaborate methods to train and teach aspiring crew the ropes of what it takes to be in the yachting industry and the skills they will use and possess. Resources for crew to find work, meet people, ask questions, get advice. A diversified job bank that allows employers of the super and mega yacht industry to post jobs, review cv's, certificates, crew profiles and much more!

Our innovative website is designed to save you time and money. Saving employers huge dollars when comparing our membership plans to the costs of crew agents and job placement companies.

At YACHTY CREW our staff we're, or still are crew members, we mingle at the crew hot spots, networking events and partys. We are crew members who serve crew members. We keep a strong grasp on what events and news take place in the industry and we keep you as up to date and informed as we can.

Choosing yachty crew will not only provide yourself with a vast knowledge of todays yachting resources, but will also give you a sense of pride knowing you are helping a company devoted to the crew of the super and mega yacht industry.


That being said, log on to http://www.yachtycrew.com and start customizing you crew profile today!








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Posted by on in YACHTY CREW BLOG



This place is perfect for any person interested or looking to get into the super yacht industry. This city also know as "the Venice of America", which is bombarded with many canals and waterways that make home to many luxurious super and mega yachts.

Along with having many super yachts, waterways and yacht service providers. The city boast many amenities for crew, such as crew housing and accommodations. A vast amount of crew agencies and job placement companies. Crew networking events and parties, bars and clubs. Crew training schools and information centers. Basically everything new or experienced crew need to find work, and to get certified to work on these super yachts.

Along with these amenities, Fort Lauderdale has many docks and piers where yachts are constantly coming and going from. This allows for the ambiguous crew members to go dock walking to find day work and that potential permanent job.


b2ap3_thumbnail_Antibesshot.jpgANTIBES, FRANCE

This lovely town is a the epicenter for all major yachting and crew needs in the Mediterranean. This town draws many of the larger super yachts, and has many companies that provide services for these yachts. It also has many crew agents, accommodations, and schools to help crew get certified and find work.

The yachting community is much smaller here then in Fort Lauderdale, which makes accommodations much more expensive and "tighter". The town gets "filled" with crew in the early spring (April, May) and because the influx of crew in this small area, the jobs become scarce and the crew become more eager. Not to say that one cannot find a job here, but you have to be intuitive, resourceful, and patient.


Beyond the hustle and bustle of finding work, this town and area is truly beautiful and amazing. Antibes "old town" is a maze of different small streets and alleys. They have markets, that provide fresh fruit and goods. Bakeries and cafe's on every corner. Little bars and watering holes where yachtys can network and mingle. The whole essence and ambiance is rather pleasant, and is definitely a spot that any seasoned crew member will or should get to know well.







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Posted by on in YACHTY CREW BLOG

So many wonder, many want to know what exactly it is like to be an active part of a luxury super yacht. If you've seen the Below Deck TV Series, you may think you have an idea of what life is like for a yachty. The show is a media derived version of what really takes place. A real life yachty has a little more gratitude and workethic then what the show has depicted.


b2ap3_thumbnail_lifeofayachty.jpgYachtys all start out as "normal people" meaning they once lived normal lives. 9 - 5 jobs, going home every night, paying bills, doing their own laundry, cooking for themselves, and getting your weekends off. This is definitely not the case for the real working yachtys. Nothing about yachting is 9 to 5. You never "go home" after your day is done, you are on the yacht when your day is done. You never know when you could be called to work, or something happens that needs your assistance. You are always aware of the yacht and you are always ready to be there at moments notice.

Yachtys dont pay bills! Maybe your bar tab or your cell phone bill Smile As a crew member, you live on board, so your rent is paid. A chef prepares most of your meals, so your food is covered. Your electricity is paid by the boss, the water is refilled and once again, paid by the yacht owner. Your alcohol consumption can also be fueled by remainders of a busy charter, or the boss may have a crew alcohol fund Smile. You have candys, snacks and delights all at your whim. You have amazing steward/ess's who wash, iron and fold your laundry for you :). What more could you ask?


With all the great perks you can understand why there is a "catch" and why the work may be so demanding. But lets forget to mention you live on a multi-million dollar floating hotel. Yachts are great, you sacrifice your "freedom" in a sense because you are always on call, but in reality crew members do get days off, and usually a good 1 month a year paid vacation with paid flights home....ARE YOU GETTING MY DRIFT?



This is the first step to understanding how a yachtys life differs from other peoples lives. Knowing that you dont have to pay for all these extra other expenses, allows you to have a massive income to spend on what ever your heart desires. Sadly to say most of these desires include late night bars and clubs filling your liver with expensive cocktails and making your nights forgettably unforgettable. This isn't the case for all yachtys, and many yachtys find it easy to manage both the saving, and the party lifestyle.

Because you work so hard, you feel the need to party hard. You land in a foreign port, like Monaco, Miami, Dubai...ETC. You have been working for two weeks solid and you finally get a night off with the crew. You get off the boat and you are in some of the most luxurious and expensive ports in the world, everything is way over priced, and you feel the need to spend because you just got a 4000 euro tip from a charter Laughing.

Because the crew life leaves crew living spaces very cramped and tight, you become very close with your fellow crew members, and you build a family like bond. Some of these bonds last a life time, and the connections, friends, and acquaintances that you seem to see again and again, time after time, every port and every boat show.


To sum it all down:


Yachtys live a lavish life. They get a taste of the good life. They have the ability to save most of their earnings. They party like rockstars. They sometimes meet famous and most definitely rich people, and they TRAVEL THE GLOBE.

Dare to dream? Dare to travel the world and get paid to do it? Dare to leave the 9 to 5 work regiment? Dare to dabble in the delights and perks of the rich and famous?

If so, Become a crew member on a super yacht.

More information on getting a job on yacht, or working as a crew member go to http://www.yachtycrew.com

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